Hebron US Natural Remedies and Probiotics

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Probiotics made simple: just shake it and take it.

Life’s so crazy these days, anything that makes it simpler to take better care of ourselves is a good thing, right?

So, here’s some good news: it’s easier than ever to get all the benefits of probiotics, from improving the health of your digestive tract to bolstering your immune system. Just think “shake it and take it.”

Florax DS, the yeast-based probiotic, delivers 500 million live probiotic yeast cells in a unique liquid suspension that requires no refrigeration. So you can store it just about anywhere and take it just about anywhere. Better still, you only take it once a week!

How’s that for simple? No daily dosing. Fewer forgotten doses. No sticky yogurt containers and plastic spoons in the back seat. Just a good-tasting shot of all-natural probiotic goodness once a week that’s safe for children as young as one year old.


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