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Sore throat? Bee happy.

Nothing can ruin an otherwise good day like a sore, raspy throat. Whether from a cold, exposure to smoke or pollution, too much loud talking or you-name-it, it’s hard to enjoy life when it hurts to swallow.

Of course there are a zillion things you can take for it, but before you reach for chemicals, think about a natural remedy that’s not only clinically proven to provide temporary sore throat relief, but has centuries of history on its side.

Bee propolis. The natural resinous compound produced by bees to maintain the health of the hive and protect it from viruses, bacteria, microbes and diseases. It contains amino acids, minerals, ethanol, vitamins A, B complex and E, pollen and highly active antioxidant plant flavenoids.

And not surprisingly, what’s good for the bees is good for your throat. Propolis is believed to enhance and naturally boost the immune system and provide natural disinfectant properties. Formulated as a throat spray, it is a completely safe and effective way to soothe and coat the throat when swallowed.

Propolis DS is one of the simplest ways to take advantage of this remarkable, natural substance. It has no known side effects, is chemical-free, vegetarian and safe for children and adults. It even helps freshen breath as it soothes.

Smart critters, those bees.


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