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We love yogurt as much as the next guy, but…

When it comes to a delicious snack, yogurt is one of our favorites. When it comes to honest conversation about probiotics, on the other hand, the yogurt folks haven’t exactly been upfront with those who care about such things. Even today, after being required to back off all those unsubstantiated claims in TV commercials, the yogurt industry keeps “suggesting” that yogurt is a great way to get the benefits of a probiotic.

So before we hit the fridge for a cup and fall in love with the latest curvy spokes-celeb, a few gentle reminders:

To get any probiotic benefit out of that probiotic yogurt, you have to eat at least a cup a day for two weeks to assure that any actual probiotic bacteria actually make it though to your gut where they could do some good.

After two weeks, there is no way to know how many active probiotic cells are actually working down there. There may be “billions” in the cup, but nobody seems to want to tell you how many get down to business in your gut.

Each cup of regular yogurt includes both sugar and fructose plus 120 calories. The “light” version only gets up to 60 calories but includes aspartame and sucralose instead of sugar.

So by all means, enjoy your favorite yogurt as part of your healthy diet. But for honest probiotic benefits, may we suggest the all-natural, zero calorie, Shake-It-And-Take-It once a week, proven probiotic power and no-refrigeration-needed convenience of Florax DS.


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