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Back-to-School = Back-to-Stress


Three little words that bring relief to parents and loathing to kids. But they bring something else too: stress. Big backpacks full of it.

Think about it. Back-to-School shopping… and expenses. Changes in routines. Changes in schedules. Extra craziness five mornings a week. And the inevitable exposure to a whole school-full of germy kids, brought home to mom and dad.

If ever there was a time to make a “pre-emptive strike” on added stress with a probiotic regimen, it’s right after Labor Day. Aside from strengthening the immune system, it can help counter the upsets to your digestive system that all that stress can bring by maintaining your body’s natural balance of intestinal flora.

And with so much going on, you’ll want the easiest, most effective probiotic: Florax DS. Once-a-week dosing means one less thing to worry about every busy morning. And because it’s ready to drink, you just “shake it and take it” to deliver live probiotic cultures to your gut in an active state, ready to go to work.

An apple for the teacher is always a good idea. Just save the Florax DS for yourself.


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