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Probiotics vs. Peanut Allergies?

Interesting news for folks worried about food allergies: in a new study, researchers at the University of Chicago found that bacteria in the gut could help protect mice against peanut allergies, suggesting the probiotics might be beneficial in treating or preventing food allergies in humans.

They found that mice with normal gut bacteria had significantly lower immune responses than mice genetically engineered to lack such bacteria. Apparently, certain bacteria in the gut help reduce the amount of food allergens that pass through the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream, triggering an allergic reaction.

This research has a long way to go, of course. But along with other research findings that gut microbes serve a number of vital functions – like playing a role in vitamin formation and breaking down otherwise-indigestible dietary fiber – it’s yet another reason to consider adding probiotics to your regular diet.

Florax DS, the yeast-based probiotic, delivers 500 million live probiotic yeast cells in a unique liquid suspension that requires no refrigeration, so it’s easy to store, easy to take and easy to remember;  you need it once a week. Although it’s not a bacteria, Florax DS does promote a healthy bacterial balance in the gut. Better still, it’s safe for children as young as one year old.


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