Hebron US Natural Remedies and Probiotics

Innovation through research is part of our DNA

About Hebron USA

Hebron USA is part of an international pharmaceutical company that uses time-tested, traditional remedies created from natural ingredients to produce safe, effective products that provide relief for a variety of conditions and promote overall health and wellness. We are the United States representatives and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hebron Pharmaceutical, Ltd., located in Brazil. Our objective is to bring innovative technologies to the United States consumer and improve overall wellness and health in a way that only Hebron USA can do.

We are an experienced team of professionals that combine 30+ years of sales and marketing experience with a focus on superior customer service, lean manufacturing practices, the highest level of technology and strategic business planning and execution. We sought out the partnership of a company with proven technologies, a strong foundation of successful product launches based on convincing clinical test results and the willingness to commit to building a US division that has one objective; to be a leading supplier in the retail industry.

Founded on innovative research and development, Hebron Pharma has been developing, testing and distributing products for almost 25 years. Hebron® is a company in search of an ideal: to turn natural riches and our capacity of scientific knowledge into a pharmaceutical medicine which is an essential element to our people.”

Our manufacturing facility is certified by: ISO 9001:2000 and GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices and was built in accordance with the standards of the FDA, IMEA and ANVISA.

We currently employ more than 500 people worldwide and have partnerships with 15 universities and research centers in Brazil and abroad.

For more information about what we do, and our products visit http://hebronus.com/


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